Welcome to my blog! My name is Jonah and there‚Äôs a few things you should know about me before we get started! I’m currently a Communications and Digital Studies major with a minor in Finance here at the University of Mary Washington. This also means I love making and creating anything with video or photography, but I will say I prefer videography. I already do some small stuff with a drone I purchased a few months ago, this work can be found on my YouTube Channel!

I would say it’s mostly for fun but I do hope to expand on that and one day hopefully do more with these skills. Another big part of my life is the outdoors, there’s just nothing else that comes close to the feeling of such freedom when you’re so far from home deep in the woods. I find it extremely easy to hear my own thoughts and produce new ideas. It’s a problem solving and creativity workspace for me. I’m also super friendly and I love my friends so don’t be shy! I’m up for new adventures at any moment’s notice. There’s obviously a lot more to any human being than just a blog and the ‘about me’ page. So please don’t hesitate to get to know me better! I’m excited to meet new people!