David was born and raised in Australia, but now currently resides in New York City primarily as a 3D illustrator working with the effects and new methods of CGI, using ‘photoshop’ ‘after effects’ and ‘illustrator’. He experiments with textures and space to create a unique piece of art. David has been working with 3D designs for about 8 years now, what started as a job working in the digital advertisement world creating web page designs and digital ads.

I think David’s work is quite interesting and something that difficult made to look easy. Of course practice is everything, but even David himself mentioned that 3D design is still a relatively new concept ( https://artnologycontent.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/talking-art-and-technology-with-3d-artist-david-mcleod/ ) You don’t have to dig deep in order to notice just how intricate these designs get. He achieves the perception of texture and vibrant colors extremely well, with each and every design being different in every way except maybe concept in some areas.

OTHER SOURCES: http://davidmcleod.com/ https://www.muchpresents.com/davidmcleod-still


For this project I chose to create my own drawing from imagination, this one in particular was inspired by my recent trip to AUSTIN, TX over winter break. Where we were staying at the time was perched perfectly on a hillside at just the right angle. We were able to wake up and look slightly to the left and see the city peering through the trees, But at even the slightest movement to the right we could see for miles. From small hills to mountains in the very back. It brought peace and I hope this piece does the same for you.


Stephen’s work is expressed through the digital process of combining everyday items and experiences in order to put a more unique spin on things. Specifically focusing on certain flow pertaining to like images, yet completely different. He focuses on color and texture to patch the two images together and create a seamless photograph. Stephen is able to use simple techniques and ideas to create various images that spark interest and a curiosity.

My opinion on Stephens work is quite positive! I really enjoyed the plethora of different concepts and ideas and how well he was able to portray them in such a way that is just barely enough out of the ordinary, but also relative enough to make sense. I was a bit confused as to whether or not he chose to include such a defined line between the two images that are patched together as a part of the work or just a failure to color
match and correct. Regardless, there’s a lot to talk about here, but for me it’s the abnormal context of each edit, and how they somehow still go hand in hand with one another.