For this project I Definitely wanted something being squeezed into another liquid and from there I told myself I would work around that image an create something that flows off that image. For the background I wanted something simple but just clouds didn’t fit the style I was looking for so I decided to start to blend a bit of space into the image as your eye moves away from the main scene.


Sugimoto is a photographer that deals with historical and temporal existence. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1948 and now lives in New York continuing his work in Seascapes, Theaters, Dioramas, Portraits, Architecture, Colors of Shadow, Conceptual Forms and Lightning Fields. His work is featured in many different countries and art galleries.

I think his work is quite fascinating simply because of how easy its is in most cases to look at and assume a story behind the shot. A large majority of his work in done in black and white and deals with different contrasts and light reflections which is a really interesting way of interpreting light and how different textures and surfaces reflect it. His work brings in easy to relate to images. Things that are in our everyday lives and twists them into something that can be interpreted into a few different visions.

Polar Bear, 1976
Dini's Surface:  a surface of constant negative curvature obtained by twisting a pseudosphere, 2004
Lightning Fields Composed 004, 2008


These two coloring book pages come from my idea of the negative altitude and the exploration of way beyond. The two polar opposites exist together but are separated by so much distance.


Kelli Connell is a unique photographer that plays both models in most of her photos. She uses Photoshop in post to stitch the images together and create one united photo that portrays the specific emotion shes trying to evoke. Her work is displayed in many art galleries such as Oklahoma, Columbus, Texas and more. The duality of her images is her most compelling aspect.

I think Kellis work is extremely intriguing because of how original the idea seems to be, being the photographer AND not one but BOTH models in the same photos brings a whole new meaning to the word photoshoot. The fact that she is able to nail the specific settings necessary to capture and overlay two photos and make them work is amazing and I think theres a lot to learn about this artist and their work.


Newsome was born in 1979 New Orleans, Louisiana and now lives in NYC. He graduated from the Tulane University with a BFA in Art History in order to later pursue a job at Film/Video Art Inc. in NYC where he received a certificate for his work. Although his work is displayed in a large number of exhibits and his work is well recognized by the art community. He focuses on mostly collages within digital means, while also doing video, sculpter, and sound work using abstract ideas from the internet and other cultures to promote certain ideas.

His work is certainly interesting, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it. Obviously not because it’s “bad”, but because it’s not my style and I’ve never really been into collages. But I can see the creativity. The video/film work that he does however, I really don’t like. It just looks like a shitty green screen effect on most videos with no purpose whatsoever. It almost seems as if he learns some simple tricks within an editing software and repeatedly uses them for the extent of the video. Nothing new is introduced and nothing interesting beyond the first 30 seconds happens. But that’s enough of me here are some of his works.


Cory Arcangel was born in 1978 and currently resides in New York where he produces many different medias of art such as; Drawing, Video, Performance, Music, and most commonly and well know for producing Video Game Modifications. Cory’s work focuses on the use of intense colors and vibrant use of space to contrast the gallery in which it stands. He has a interesting approach to editing video games by taking certain aspects or ideas from a game that he likes and making them his own by subtracting or adding other materiels to enhance the image.

For me, Cory’s work is made to look quite simple and the use of overlapping material gives it new textures and viewing angles. Making new things out of easily identifiable objects that we see everyday puts a new spin on how we interpret these things. His work does a great job of bringing out new colors that might otherwise be overlooked such as accents. His work is very easy and pleasing to view as well as a great way to incorporate intricate designs into his work.

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