Murrata is an interesting artist because of his ability to take what he knows with glitch effect and other common errors and pioneer them into his own digital work. With video and CGI being his prioritized work he has come to create some pretty fantastic things. Born in 1974 and currently lives in the USA doing more CGI work. As well as having his art featured in a few gallaries.

I think Muratas work is definitely something new for me. I hadn’t put much thought into the things that I would normally consider broken, being used to create an actual feeling. His video/CGI work is also super intriguing, there’s a strange twist to it that gives off a creepy or abnormal vibe, but it all works in his favor. Because it customizes his work so much so to the point where it’s almost irreplaceable.

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Christian is a talented artist that deals with the fusion of fine art and audio as well as video and sculpture work . Born in California, 1955 and currently works in London and New York putting on exhibits for his work. He first got into this art by using old records that he could then mess with in order to create sound skips and scratches to create new sounds that lead to creativity.

I think Christians work is very creative and how he stumbled upon the idea of using old records to create new sound off of what sound already existed was very clever. His sculptures and video work almost puts you in a trans because of how real it is, but surreal at the same time. He’s able to use the distortion of space and sound to create new perspectives and give the audience something to remain interested in.

Christian Marclay 'Subtitled' 2019





Petra was born in California, 1986 and currently works in Los Angeles, California continuing her carrier in digital work be it virtual paintings, GIFS, or even video. She first began on YouTube using the built in tools to mess around and distort her own face and body. She will often times also use existing images on the web or historical pictures and modernize them in her own style. She’s been to many award ceremonies and received tons of recognition for her work and how it projects modern ideas and modern art.

I think Petra’s work is something that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked, some might say that it isn’t traditional enough and that she doesn’t use real paint therefore it’s not a painting, but I think her work puts a whole new meaning to what different types of mediums exist and how they can be used because although her work is all 2D she finds a way to add texture and depth to each of her works that makes it appear as though it were with real paint.


I wanted to first off start by saying how much fun this project was and how many ideas I had rushing through my head, but alas I was able to limit my options and create a couple of my favorite options. I originally had the idea that I wanted to be hanging from somewhere and when I walked into this parking garage, I knew I could find something to use to create this shot. nailing the exposure was a bit tough but I think what I ended up with does the job just fine. I then quickly realised I wanted to have myself helping myself hanging and someone below snapping a quick pic!

I couldn’t resist doing another in the same location so I went ahead and posted that as well. It’s my second favorite because I had a hard time with the lighting and the way certain shadows were being cast. Nonetheless, I came up with this>