This assignment was to place a celebrity somewhere where they don’t belong. I wanted to make a silhouette of jackson sliding but couldn’t find anything like that on the internet. So I went with one of him celebrating and asked myself “what would that look like if he was off stage?” and BAM. I thought of the ocean and It stuck so here it is!

Another 4 star assignment. Photoshop can be handy but there are some things that just make it that much tougher! Jeez!

Collage? Message?

This assignment asked us to create a message using collages or multiple images and I really like Orange Juice and its benefits so here goes nothing. There wasn’t much of a thought process here. I just liked the idea of a college and creating what I wanted to create.

See! Simple! Except this took way longer than a 4 star is worth admitting. Down to every little detail I built this image from the ground up. Even used two different skies and brushed them together!!! Was it worth it? no…


For this post I’ve chosen to evaluate two of the pictures I’ve taken fairly recently. Here we will be looking to evaluate;

– selection
– contrast
– perspective
– depth
– balance
– moment
– lighting
– foreground/background

Obviously these photos will not look as good as they do from the original source but we can get the idea here. This photo was taken around dusk and if we use the list above to analyze we can pick it apart a little. I think the yellow train and guard track makes for great contrast with the blue sky and grey surrounding.

The perspective is nothing special but I did try and take it a little lower to get an interesting angle looking up at the train but it may have still been too far away to really see that point.

There’s clearly depth of field in the train front versus the foreground and background of the image. I would almost prefer more haha, I like that effect.

Balance can be applied here as we look at how the train is off to the left rather than sitting right in the middle. Another valuable aesthetic that pleases the eye that I tend to aim for.

The train was actually moving pretty fast and I didn’t realize it until I snapped the shot and looked up and the train almost nicked me….that’s what those yellow lines are for, huh. So yes, you could say I caught this one in the moment haha.

Lighting was actually okay with me, Lightroom can be a powerful tool, but it was still slightly darker than I would have liked, but maybe it’s different on your computer?!

This was a fun little night shoot for me and a friend finding our way around downtown fredericksburg, found at Goolrick’s Ice Cream.

Here we can see a massive difference in contrast seeing as it is a neon sign at night so that’s a given. But more than that there is a rich contrast in the letters themselves shinning out over a reflective black surface.

The balance in this photo is indeed right in the center, and I know that’s opposite of what I just said but once you approach a potential picture you can just feel out whether or not the rule of thirds works or not. This particular picture it did not work and I thought centered was the way for this angle.

Lastly the perspective is a sharp angle from below. Partly because it’s a sign and I literally can’t get any higher at the moment but also because I wanted a unique angle to look at from below and this is what came to mind.

All About Visuals

I just recently started trying to develop my skills in photography, coming from doing and enjoying videography mostly. But thus far I have really enjoyed it and it’s incredible how much one can accomplish and provoke from a single photo. This assignment is just the beginning, but here I can tell you a little bit about my experience and what I’ve done so far (not much).

I mostly take photos for fun right now and am aiming to grow my portfolio doing so, a lot of them have been only for instagram, but even then it is very limited. I want to start taking more but school kinda screws me in that sense so I’m glad I have this class to push me. I don’t currently have any particular method or approach to taking photos yet, but I think that will develop later on. Right now I just like fun and unique angles and ideas!

Images create narratives by themselves through how the viewer interprets them and I think a good photographer will take a photo in such a way that allows for the viewer to see these different angles and perspectives and can then allow the creative mind of the viewer to take over and make of it what they see.

Anotha One Down!

week 3 (2/8-2/12)

Yet another week goes by and there are more stories to write! This week was an interesting twist on digital storytelling because we used all words believe it or not! I enjoy things that are more so on the photo and video side of things but this was a nice break for me in order to further understand storytelling through another lens. This week we had 3 writing assignments and 3 tdc’s to post. I gotta say the tdc’s were enjoyable to look at and post on because they were pretty open this week and you could do a lot with the topics posted. However the writing assignments were slightly more challenging because I’m not a very good writer and I wanted to challenge myself with some 4 starts and I think my poem assignment was the worst, with the beauty assignment being the most fulfilling, and the letter to myself assignment being the most enjoyable to write up! Overall, I think this week was manageable especially with my other work load from my higher classes. I don’t think this class needs to be overly exhausting, although it does feel that way sometimes. Then again, the professor did warn us sooooo. Looking forward to reading some of the other posts and what went down this week for sure!

Today!.. In a Cafe!

This assignment is probably going to be the toughest this week because I’m not the best poet but I wanted to give it a shot and the image looks interesting so this is my best poem using this image–>

Sitting in this open room
I ponder what life could be
all of my thoughts, they come and go
I ponder what life I might see

Strangers I can feel
all around me they whisper
but here I sit
not giving a shit

My glass remains full
and my heart empty
for I have the right tool
but tread too gently

My next move is away from this fool
to start my own trail
to dive into the deep end of this pool
I cannot fail
for my next move
will take me to the tomb

Pure Beauty

The live to see another day Assignment.

I’d like to start with a famous quote from “Ferris Buellers Day Off” The movie that goes a little something like this, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

This is the perfect start to this assignment, and the photo below is just one example of how great and big and beautiful this world can be! Just gotta look to see it.

This is as simple as it gets. On a golf course around 06:45 just in time for sunrise and I just had to stop and sit for a while. The picture obviously doesn’t do it justice, they never do, but yet I knew I had to at least try and capture the light beams shining through the leaves and the bright blue sky above and the misty air rising from the drying out grass. There’s just so much to take in here and this is only one example of how beautiful the small things can be, so you can only imagine the larger aspects of life like the National Parks even!

Personally, I get this rush that flows over me and fresh air fills my lungs when I see something like this and actually stop to appreciate it. It makes me sit back and thank the Lord for all that is good in this life, and just gets the day off on the right foot. It’s sometimes hard to take the time to sit back and step out of the rush that today’s world lives in and see the beauty that exists. It’s there and it always will be. You just have to open your eyes.

4 stars

Dear me.

Dear me,

I hope all is well and that you are continuing to follow your passions, I know it hasn’t been easy and that greed and hate can fill your mind so quickly, but don’t let that take away from all the good you have done. 10 years went by pretty quick, I bet you weren’t expecting that huh? We always tell ourselves how much time we have and I hope you still stand by that! Because we do have time, so much and with it we can accomplish amazing things, but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t move fast. We can’t sit around and wait for things to happen, we should be making them happen! You best be keeping to that! I expect you to be a very wealthy man at this point in your life, not in just money but it knowledge. I want you to be able to spread the information you have collected over the years to the next generations to come, because God knows that things are getting rough! and will continue to do so until corruption is no more (won’t happen btw..prove me wrong). Anyway, I know you like it simple and sweet so I won’t keep you any longer but I really hope your great mind popped off in 2021 and you made your first million and were able to give back to the family like we talked about, .that would be pretty sweet. Speaking of which. Fuck this, let me get back to that. As well as getting married and having a family that you can provide for, let me know how Morgan is, I hope she’s well! Alright man, continue to do great things and anything you do…don’t let it get to your head! duces.

OH! This is the writing assignment for 2/12/21 btw! 3 star

Bring it in!

There’s a lot to unpack in those readings and videos one and two, but I think linking them to my story makes for an interesting post! Personally I’ve always really liked the types of videos we had to watch because they open the eye to a new and interesting viewpoint on life. The hyperlink video looked out of date yet it was extremely well written and pleasing to watch, you could tell they put a lot of time into it and made it easily understandable for the viewers. The information within that video is still very much so relevant to today’s living in that it represents just how much information can and is gathered on the web and how we can use it to our advantages.

In the first video I really enjoyed the type of humor that can accompany a good lesson and teaching point. Making complex issues or ideologies easily understandable and laughable is not a trait that many can exhibit.

With both of these videos and the text touching on the information of things and how they can be used or how they will be used in the future I feel that this relates to my story fairly well. It’s easy to talk, write, and act like we’ve got the future under wrap and feel like we have a nice life plan underways, but in reality just as those who predicted the hyperlink would change the world we too don’t know what is to come of our futures. The first video clip does a fantastic job and acting out and explaining just how screwy our world is right now and how everything can be misinterpreted, but telling the viewer that it’s okay to have fun with it and enjoy what you want to enjoy when those times come. Just as my story homes in on living a life you want with no regrets I think this piece is trying to get at the same concept without making it known.

The Story Ain’t Ova Yet

02/05/2021 (week 2)

This week has been pretty crazy for me, I’m currently a part of the Army Reserves and we have been on mission in DC since January 6th and they just let the college guys get home for school so I have been dealing with that and a lot of unknowns as far as when I’ll have a computer and when I won’t. Regardless, we’re getting it done now and hopefully we’re not too far behind yett! This week has consisted of getting used to all of my classes and really getting the hang of them and the way they work. This week was a big jump for me as far as diving into assignments goes. We had a few different things going on this week that I missed but I think I caught them all (let me know in the comments if I missed anything!)

We took care of business this week by first reading up on how to write assignments like a champ and then moving right along into creating our Daily Creates over on twitter. But wait! If you want the full link chain to the whole classes creatives than you’ll have to be hip to the twitter timeline that posts them! np.

I think the most time consuming aspect here was the Assignments that we had to complete within the Assignment Bank. Obviously allowing for different levels of difficulty from 1 star to 5 star helped a lot because it allowed us to pick how much time we were willing to put in, but overall it was a great process. I chose to do a GIF assignment, a B-Roll assignment, and a triple exposure picture that had almost no takers!

AAAANNNDDD straight into the next section! We were supposed to get a lot done on our blog and customize it to our liking but I know mine needs a lot more work. I like the functionality of it right now but I don’t like the way things are organized as of now. I look forward to making progress on that throughout the semester. I’m still working on getting around to everyone’s blog posts, but every time I comment and go back to try and find and pin the post I can’t find it so I’m working on a way to overcome that and figure out the best way to do so. Let me know what your solution was!!!

This week was crazy, but it’s only going to get more crazy and I’m still trying to figure everything out! Right now I need help with making sure my tags are right and that I’m properly posting everything to each assignment post and creating the correct tags or extensions for them to go into the right place. But we’ll see.