(week 9)

This week was not a total break but it was nice having less to do for sure, very needed break. Because this week was so light I was able to complete my daily creates and reworks relatively quickly in order to put some more time and thought into my project ideas. The radio show listen in was a fun idea as well and I was happy to see a lot of positive feedback, such a large amount of talent in this class! I mostly used this time to relax especially considering the new job I just started so having some down time was nice so that I could settle in there. Thanks prof! Good week, good times, great memories.


pshhhhh…mine are perfect!

(okaaaayyyyy, yeahhh this is a placeholder)

I would like to rework some of my logo designs as well as audio assignments but I don’t have time to do it all! AHHHHH. Oh and I’d love to do another photo blitz but keep the challenge to outside only! I’m out of town right now with work but I will try and complete this section as soon as I’m back because I think it’s extremely valuable and worth while.

Story Time!….again

This time it’s a bit different in that we are just brainstorming on what some story concepts might look like for our final projects. Because this is the primary focus of this week I wanted to give it some thought and really link it back to my original story on “our story” theme.

I know this might be a little short but what I said back when this class first started really stuck with me. I want to talk about success and what it means to each of us. I want to talk about life and not getting caught up in the small problems. I want to talk about letting fears go and taking the first step, the first leap! There’s so much to life and there’s so much of this world that is left undiscovered because we are too afraid of what others will say or react and we let our fear put us in a cage and trap us from ever truly living and experiencing life. So that’s what I want to talk about. What we’re doing to be different, to inspire change, to motivate others and ourselves to get out there and live.

If I were to choose one big project to do aside from everything I listed above, than it have to be to film, edit and create my very own short film. Based off the movie “Arctic” I felt that this movie had soooo much power in its silence and I really took an interest to that film style so I would love to try something like that movie on my own.

Where it all began

I wasn’t sure what was meant by using hyperlinks to connect my story but I can do my best to guide you (the reader) to all of my posts and what happened in which order!

It all began with a simple thought…what if I created a fake story to the meaning of my second Daily Create? I created an image that would represent my thinking place and what goes on when “it becomes too much” and we need to re-center ourselves. So I created the space sloth—–>

From there I realized that this was precisely what I needed to complete my more thought provoking posts such as the poem! With this image little sloth was able to center his thoughts and begin contemplating what a great spring poem would be. He doesn’t like summer all that much and spring is pretty close to that so you can assume it wouldn’t be pleasant. But actually it wasn’t horrible. His inner thoughts became clear and he was able to produce a masterpiece known as “This is Spring”

And that’s it! That’s the story….WAIT. We’ve just been updated that our most famous “centered” image is being put on display! What a bonus! So the story goes on!!!! I guess this is new so I don’t really know what to add other than the piece being featured in an art gallery down town. Pretty high end place so you know it’s good. I presume it will be sold by morning. I mean, look at this beaut!

Man…it really does just get better and better huh.

Radio Live Show

This week was a lot of fun and I enjoyed tuning into bits and pieces of everyone’s radio shows on ds106 Radio! I really enjoyed listening to Stories of Our Stories I think because it was pretty closely related to my groups podcast in that it was based off of telling fun stories and having fun with it. The transitions were smooth and I loved the commercials. The commercials might have been my favorite part of everyone’s shows because they were so creative and could really make them anything you wanted to and just play around with it but almost all of them ended up turning out really good and relating to the topic of each of our stories. The various background songs and sound effects were a nice touch as well. It created an environment that was easier to listen in on and understand the situation. For me at least, it allowed me to more effectively place myself in that moment and that was really cool and fun. Great work!

Wrap It Up!

This week has been pretty eventful but luckily I had a great team to work with and we made it all work out in our favor and finished with a great final Show. This week we had to create a couple daily creates on our twitter accounts and so I had some fun with those and made the best of it. One of the tdc that I chose to do was the family picture reenactment. That was crazy looking back at such a time and seeing that again. WOW, such growth.

The only other major event was the actual radio show itself! Most of that is recapped in my progress report for this week, but we had a lot of fun recording and made the editing aspect really unique and interesting while keeping everyone in the loop and learning together. The final radio show was pretty good in my opinion, I really liked how we took it in the podcast direction of free talk and sort of just commenting and having fun together because it makes it feel more authentic and natural to us and the listeners. I liked the group work and I hope there can be more to come again soon!

The Show Must Go On

This week was a little bit hectic and required some coordination. Luckily I had an amazing team and we got our shit together and knocked it out. Originally we wanted to meet on Monday, however other important projects and jobs sort of stripped that from us. Tuesday was our day off so who do you think we are?? Working on a no school day…YEAH RIGHT. So we came to the decision to meet on Wednesday at 3:30pm to talk about and map out our recording process and how we would edit and put it all together. We finished talking and discussing our next steps around 5:00pm. We decided that everyone would email me their commercials and bumpers because I already had the main show recording as well as Adobe Audition for editing. We went ahead and planned to meet on Thursday around 8pm because some people were still working and I could share my screen on discord so that everyone had the opportunity to add input and share their thoughts while we were editing. We then finished around 10pm and I exported the file and uploaded it to soundcloud. There wasn’t much else that went into it. We contemplated a few options like leaving in our theme song to play in the background at a very low db level but decided against it as it might take away from the overall story telling. All in all I think we had a lot of fun on this project and learned a lot. I’m sure we’re all excited to see how everyone else’s turns out!

Week by Week!

This week has been challenging because I have this group project along with another pretty big group project that I’m working on so it gets difficult to balance everything but I managed to get done what needed to get done so far. This post will be pretty similar to and cover a lot of what my Progress Report covered, but I’m going to recap it anyway. My group has completed each of our own radio commercials, radio bumpers, and logos! We plan on meeting next week to start talking about and recording our actual stories. We anticipate that the whole process might take some time so we are hoping to hop on the mics early in the week and then start recording. But in addition to our assignments, reports, and recordings I have also completed 3 daily creates that were pretty fun too! But that’s all for now!

Progress Reports!!!

So far in my groups adventure towards the best radio show/ podcast, we have developed one commercial each, one radio bumper each, and a few different logo designs! We created a group chat that we could then communicate through to coordinate different pieces of information and make sure everyone was on the same page. I think there will be more to report on next week once we start recording because that process is going to be more time consuming and work heavy trying to get all of our audio files in one place and start mixing them. This week was mostly just coordinating and mapping out what we wanted to do and how we would do it. We plan on hopping on discord next week to start recording the actual show but as of now we all have our commercials and bumpers done!

Bumper bumps!

For our radio show we agreed we all wanted to create something original rather than using our old and previously created bumpers so here we go! For this assignment I chose to create a new bumper with a sound that our group decided to stay consistent with and use on each of our own bumpers to maintain the same type of radio break that would sound the same. I used the same process as the commercial and overlaid my recording with the sound my group chose “I can count to ten” by the fly guy fives.