It All Come’s Together!

(week 14) STOP SCROLLING AND CLICK!! it’s worth

Okay I know everyone including myself is just about ready to be done with school but for the odd balls out there who want to dig deeper into their peers work I’ve got you covered. There have been some fantastic projects done so far and that will continue to be completed and I’m excited to see the rest but I want to keep this portion of the blog short because there’s some more important info and the bigger picture below. So without further or due. Take some time to sit back and enjoy my process for combining video, animation, and audio for my big final project! (end of page will include the final thoughts section)

The final product
Quick down and dirty process on how I created the above film.
Podcast with my friend on the whole process.

This was an extremely complex yet rewarding project and here’s why. The first thing you must understand is how much time is required to complete such a simple animation like this, I spent roughly 20 hours editing and animating a 2min video. This is because of the process that I covered in the second video link above, and I highly encourage you to watch and listen to everything above before you continue reading……go.

Most of what I needed to cover as far the project and process goes was covered in the three videos above. However for what I did not cover I wanted to touch on here. It was hard to cover absolutely everything about this process because that would have taken hours to record and I wanted to say why that is and why I won’t be covering it here either. I think that those who appreciate this process and care to dig deeper will find very quickly that it can be and is usually a fairly complex project if done properly. That’s not to discourage you though! The outcome is definitely rewarding and worth while but it is labor some. For those of you that do end up reading this and watching/ listening to everything above and have heard about the YouTuber Joel Haver (my inspiration for this project) I would encourage you to reach out to me for more details if you want to pursue or learn more about this process. There’s just too much to cover here in a blog.

Overall I spent a lot of time on this project and it really exceeded all expectations when I saw the final, which some of you might be saying…really? exceeded? hahaha, and I know. That’s a stretch but I promise you, you’ll feel the same if you take it on. I think I expressed a lot of my feelings throughout in both of my “how to” videos/audios and there isn’t much more for me to say here

Thank you to everyone who stuck it all the way through, I really hope it was worth it and you gained some entertainment from it at a bare minimum. I’ll shut up now but remember to always try new things and have fun with it and always gain some new outlook on it after completing it! With the right attitude everything can be worth it. Have a good one y’all.