Sugimoto is a photographer that deals with historical and temporal existence. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1948 and now lives in New York continuing his work in Seascapes, Theaters, Dioramas, Portraits, Architecture, Colors of Shadow, Conceptual Forms and Lightning Fields. His work is featured in many different countries and art galleries.

I think his work is quite fascinating simply because of how easy its is in most cases to look at and assume a story behind the shot. A large majority of his work in done in black and white and deals with different contrasts and light reflections which is a really interesting way of interpreting light and how different textures and surfaces reflect it. His work brings in easy to relate to images. Things that are in our everyday lives and twists them into something that can be interpreted into a few different visions.

Polar Bear, 1976
Dini's Surface:  a surface of constant negative curvature obtained by twisting a pseudosphere, 2004
Lightning Fields Composed 004, 2008



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