Petra was born in California, 1986 and currently works in Los Angeles, California continuing her carrier in digital work be it virtual paintings, GIFS, or even video. She first began on YouTube using the built in tools to mess around and distort her own face and body. She will often times also use existing images on the web or historical pictures and modernize them in her own style. She’s been to many award ceremonies and received tons of recognition for her work and how it projects modern ideas and modern art.

I think Petra’s work is something that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked, some might say that it isn’t traditional enough and that she doesn’t use real paint therefore it’s not a painting, but I think her work puts a whole new meaning to what different types of mediums exist and how they can be used because although her work is all 2D she finds a way to add texture and depth to each of her works that makes it appear as though it were with real paint.

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