Newsome was born in 1979 New Orleans, Louisiana and now lives in NYC. He graduated from the Tulane University with a BFA in Art History in order to later pursue a job at Film/Video Art Inc. in NYC where he received a certificate for his work. Although his work is displayed in a large number of exhibits and his work is well recognized by the art community. He focuses on mostly collages within digital means, while also doing video, sculpter, and sound work using abstract ideas from the internet and other cultures to promote certain ideas.

His work is certainly interesting, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it. Obviously not because it’s “bad”, but because it’s not my style and I’ve never really been into collages. But I can see the creativity. The video/film work that he does however, I really don’t like. It just looks like a shitty green screen effect on most videos with no purpose whatsoever. It almost seems as if he learns some simple tricks within an editing software and repeatedly uses them for the extent of the video. Nothing new is introduced and nothing interesting beyond the first 30 seconds happens. But that’s enough of me here are some of his works.


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