It All Come’s Together!

(week 14) STOP SCROLLING AND CLICK!! it’s worth

Okay I know everyone including myself is just about ready to be done with school but for the odd balls out there who want to dig deeper into their peers work I’ve got you covered. There have been some fantastic projects done so far and that will continue to be completed and I’m excited to see the rest but I want to keep this portion of the blog short because there’s some more important info and the bigger picture below. So without further or due. Take some time to sit back and enjoy my process for combining video, animation, and audio for my big final project! (end of page will include the final thoughts section)

The final product
Quick down and dirty process on how I created the above film.
Podcast with my friend on the whole process.

This was an extremely complex yet rewarding project and here’s why. The first thing you must understand is how much time is required to complete such a simple animation like this, I spent roughly 20 hours editing and animating a 2min video. This is because of the process that I covered in the second video link above, and I highly encourage you to watch and listen to everything above before you continue reading……go.

Most of what I needed to cover as far the project and process goes was covered in the three videos above. However for what I did not cover I wanted to touch on here. It was hard to cover absolutely everything about this process because that would have taken hours to record and I wanted to say why that is and why I won’t be covering it here either. I think that those who appreciate this process and care to dig deeper will find very quickly that it can be and is usually a fairly complex project if done properly. That’s not to discourage you though! The outcome is definitely rewarding and worth while but it is labor some. For those of you that do end up reading this and watching/ listening to everything above and have heard about the YouTuber Joel Haver (my inspiration for this project) I would encourage you to reach out to me for more details if you want to pursue or learn more about this process. There’s just too much to cover here in a blog.

Overall I spent a lot of time on this project and it really exceeded all expectations when I saw the final, which some of you might be saying…really? exceeded? hahaha, and I know. That’s a stretch but I promise you, you’ll feel the same if you take it on. I think I expressed a lot of my feelings throughout in both of my “how to” videos/audios and there isn’t much more for me to say here

Thank you to everyone who stuck it all the way through, I really hope it was worth it and you gained some entertainment from it at a bare minimum. I’ll shut up now but remember to always try new things and have fun with it and always gain some new outlook on it after completing it! With the right attitude everything can be worth it. Have a good one y’all.

Progress is Progress

(week 13) Final project report

This week we were tasked with writing up an outline for what our project will be and what it will look like. I am aiming to connect THREE different streams of media for this project which I know is a bare minimum but what I have planned is going to require some work and I have been lazy this week so I’m going to really need to get going here soon.

My tentative plan is to as of 4/19/21 is to first create a short (30-45 sec) video of some one on one interaction/ conversation with a friend, yes this is the video portion of my final project. Next the animation/design of that video. I’ve recently been pointed towards a pretty cool YouTuber that creates short films and then brings them into 3 different programs (Photoshop, Premier Pro, and EBSYNTH) to animate and tell a story with them. He first creates a fill layer of whatever filter he chooses in order to give it an old and original RPG look, he then takes it and adds a background to fit the story line and uses his own steady hand to draw over top of each frame to design whatever character he desires (HAND DRAWN!). Next he takes it frame by frame and uses the last program to trace and duplicate whatever drawing he did and it duplicates it onto each frame. Lastly he takes it into premier and makes it a video. It’s a lot of work for a short bit, but it’s so rewarding he says. This will be my first time trying and I’m excited to see how it goes.

Next I plan to do my last interconnected media portion by making a podcast about the process and answering some questions from whoever I have on.

I have no team as of now, but I tried to obtain one and got no bites haha, I don’t blame em. I am late to the race so I’ll have to rapidly begin working on this and get it all on my computer very soon. Maybe even over the weekend I will begin progress. Hope it turns out!! Also definitely check out that guys channel. It’s incredible.

I messed up…

(week 12)

Okay yeah that was click bait, but for real! I wasn’t able to complete this weeks assignments on time or at all honestly. I know that this is out of character for me but after last week and my short film was finally complete and posted to YouTube I decided to chill out for a little and then on top of that I had just started a new job this past week so things have been hectic to say the least. I did however complete my TDC’s for whatever that counts towards and I did go through and look/ comment on a few classmates posts. Which were amazing. But anyway I just came on here to say that and explain why I was lazy and didn’t complete the work, but maybe I can get around to it this week? I don’t know, we’ll see!!! 🙂

Onto The Next!

(week 11)

Yet another week is done and for this in particular I wanted to just make this post and the idea blog post jumbled into one. I still stand by my original post and want to accomplish all of that. Which I know isn’t ideal but this week has been extremely busy. I’ve always wanted to film my own short film but this has proven to be so much more and I’ve learned so much more. It’s 11:46pm on Friday right now and my YouTube channel is processing and reviewing my upload as we speak so I can’t link it quite yet but I will soon! I promise! I wanted to use this space in the meantime to share some thoughts. As I said above this has been more challenging than expected and has reqired a lot more time than expected but I’ve had a blast and learned a lot so far. I have my original script/shot list and some screen shots of the editing process that I will now share. If it’s readable haha.

Those are the scripts/shots I took out to the location we were filming and I had to use them frequently. It is almost always recommended from all the sources I read and talked to that one should create and take out a shot list. It’s better to get your thoughts down and be able to refer to them later than just go out and shoot hoping for the best. The story in that instance almost always tend to have less coherency and isn’t tied together as well.

Here’s a early on pic of my editing screen about half way through and I didn’t take one when done because I forgot and don’t want to relaunch but when my video uploads and I have to update this I’ll be sure to include the final screen shot as well!

There’s a lot to go over here and I’m going to try my best to simplify. I shot everything with sound from my camera mic and added certain sounds in specific places to enhance the feel of the film. Some were downloaded online and some were recorded by me in the field. I simply laid out every shot I had and put it in order before taking it into post. Once in post I could drag in and clip what I didn’t want and create transitions where needed and make each shot flow as intended. Once those were in order I overlaid the sound design to each part that required it and tweaked other parts and finally I color graded each and every clip to enhance the image. This is oversimplified, but If there are any specific questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Lastly, I haven’t got a chance to look over everyone else project ideas and posts but I really want to and I really like collaborating with others so this is going to be exciting to see everyone’s thoughts! Oh and my Daily Creates went alright, but as I mentioned before I was very busy and didn’t have as much time as usual to put my all into them this week.

Midway Report

(day 1) I’m not sure if this is really needed but I wanted to at least keep it for my own personal record. I’ve been brainstorming and writing my shot list for the past couple days and I really like where it is headed. I have recruited one of my friends from way back to be my actor and I plan on us both being able to collaborate on this once we’re actually filming. It’s going to be tight because I have to film and edit on Thursday because this is due Friday and Thursday is his only free day this week! yikes. The plan is to use Premier Pro because I’m more familiar with that and it’s what I used for my Trailer video.

I wanted to also write this so that I could remind myself to add intros and credits, if my film requires an intro because it might not need anything official other than the title so we’ll see.

(day 2) Script/ shot list is just about done and I’m filming tomorrow so I’m getting excited. coming up with the story line wasn’t too hard but conveying that story is difficult. I’ve never made a short film or filmed any type of story, but I’ve always wanted to so this is a good learning opportunity, but I’m a little worried it might not turn out. The premise is to tell or really show where I find peace and happiness, in the woods. So I was thinking I would just do a silent film on what it’s like to venture out into the woods, the fun, the obstacles, the danger (if any), finding a site, the set up process, preparing food, and enjoying everything around you in that very moment. So I’ll post the shots/script when it’s done and you all can see what went through my head and what I was thinking and planning for this. See you Friday!


(week 10)

I’m super hype about this week because this is going to be right down my ally of what I want to get better at and do more of Videography! I completed 2 Daily Creates which were fun and interesting and then went straight into researching and looking over the different film techniques and how to read a movie which I found very interesting and useful, but it might end up biting me in the butt down the road when I start watching movies only to pick out and see those specific moments instead of enjoying the film. Hopefully not.

The next bit of fun I had was creating my trailer for the first week of my video assignment. This was really cool and really fun to do because I’ve been wanting to get my camera out again and film some more. I started by coming up with a concept on “my story” and then using my surroundings to get a few shots I could patch together to make what my trailer is now and I hope to continue developing the script/ shot list and carry it on into my final short film.

I commented and filled out the survey too! Doesn’t take long with all this talent in the class!


For this week I wanted to try and do something a little bigger and more out of my comfort zone so I decided to take up option one; creating a short film that tells a story, my story being finding adventure and in this case finding my happy place. I wanted the trailer to be enticing with a bit of suspenseful twist to keep the audience guessing.

So? I hope you enjoyed that trailer as much as I had fun making it.

So up above is what I want my film to be about, I want the format to be shot in 1080 or 4k and maybe a mixture exported for YouTube. I’ve started writing the script but it’s more so a shot list because my goal for this film is to make it a silent short film to enhance the audio experience. So thus far it’s been exciting and I’m looking forward to finishing the film!

non-written essay….on video….of video….vid-eo

For this assignment I picked a movie that my friends and I watched a while back and I remember us all having a lot of interest in the movie to start but because of such a horrible ending we ended up hating the whole thing. That movie being “Annihilation (2018)”.


This video essay was a fun way to explore the concepts that we learned this week and actually apply them into a real situation where we have to actually pay attention to and be on the look out for the things that we learned. I may have gotten a little carried away analyzing everything and taken it too in depth and it’s not like I actually know what I’m talking about so it was really just me seeing things and being like “yeah, yeah that might be something they did” haha. Regardless it was pretty fun and I learned a lot from watching Tony’s videos and reading the article so that was the main point anyway I think!


(week 9)

This week was not a total break but it was nice having less to do for sure, very needed break. Because this week was so light I was able to complete my daily creates and reworks relatively quickly in order to put some more time and thought into my project ideas. The radio show listen in was a fun idea as well and I was happy to see a lot of positive feedback, such a large amount of talent in this class! I mostly used this time to relax especially considering the new job I just started so having some down time was nice so that I could settle in there. Thanks prof! Good week, good times, great memories.


pshhhhh…mine are perfect!

(okaaaayyyyy, yeahhh this is a placeholder)

I would like to rework some of my logo designs as well as audio assignments but I don’t have time to do it all! AHHHHH. Oh and I’d love to do another photo blitz but keep the challenge to outside only! I’m out of town right now with work but I will try and complete this section as soon as I’m back because I think it’s extremely valuable and worth while.