Reflective Essay

On average, we spend about 12 years in school. In those 12 years more material than we could ever remember passes by our desks and some of it we can retain, but most of it goes right out the window. My most recent years have been spent at the University of Mary Washington and I’ve taken a plethora of courses over the years.

If I’m being completely honest I have never excelled at school or the work that comes with it. I enjoy the social aspect and you definitely come across a few great professors that can really teach you something here and there (*cough* professor Kennedy). However, each year there is always something to take from it even if there’s no “educational” value. This semester has sharpened my writing and productivity skills quite a bit I like to think. This is achievable one of two ways, either you’re just a stud and can learn something and retain 90% for the rest of your life OR you’re put in a class with and excellent professor that makes the material engaging and worth while. Professor Kennedy was able to make the class more engaging by actually treating us like adults and cracking plenty of jokes, but also maintaining a level of professionalism.

Throughout this semester I was faced with many new obstacles and learning to navigate them was a part of the game. I learned about so many different resources that are available to students and how they aid in success. I learned that there’s more to writing than just a prompted answer and that there are different ways to convey a message or articulate an idea. I learned that cookie cutter formats and writing actually isn’t the most appealing and it’s okay to add character into writing and develop a unique writing style. Yet, I also learned that there are still fundamentals that make or break a writer, ones that must be followed to create a sound piece. Once the fundamentals are down and practiced without remorse, writing gets fun, it gets to a point where imagination can run wild. That is what I learned this semester…..along with how to BS my way through Communications class.

So this goes to show, not everyone has to be designed for school and school isn’t designed for everyone, but there is always something worth the time put in to school. There are always educational opportunities no matter where I turn.