All About Visuals

I just recently started trying to develop my skills in photography, coming from doing and enjoying videography mostly. But thus far I have really enjoyed it and it’s incredible how much one can accomplish and provoke from a single photo. This assignment is just the beginning, but here I can tell you a little bit about my experience and what I’ve done so far (not much).

I mostly take photos for fun right now and am aiming to grow my portfolio doing so, a lot of them have been only for instagram, but even then it is very limited. I want to start taking more but school kinda screws me in that sense so I’m glad I have this class to push me. I don’t currently have any particular method or approach to taking photos yet, but I think that will develop later on. Right now I just like fun and unique angles and ideas!

Images create narratives by themselves through how the viewer interprets them and I think a good photographer will take a photo in such a way that allows for the viewer to see these different angles and perspectives and can then allow the creative mind of the viewer to take over and make of it what they see.

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