Anatha One!

week 6 (weekly summary)

This week was a lot of busy work but there was also a lot of rewarding work too! It started out by asking us for our definition on what design means to us and how it can be applied and what its fundamentals are comprised of, which led to me pondering on what design can be at it’s simplest forms vs it’s most complex forms. Learning about the Stranger Things title design was also very inspiring thinking about all the old inventions or creations that we can take and make new!

We then went in to a design blitz! This was a fun challenge because we had to use design principles that we may not have been fully aware of or used to and use them to look for and capture real world examples. This taught me to look further than just the average day and really observe the environment around us and take into consideration how companies can get a hold of our attention.

Our next task was to complete 4-5 assignments in the design principles category of the assignment bank and I chose to complete 4 different assignments ONE OF WHICH I CEATED! The first assignment I went with was the create my own logo assignment which was really fun and allowed me to express my interest in minimalistic design. The second assignment I did was the Vouge Challenge assignment which allowed me to express my imagination of what I would create for a magazine cover. This was alright but I think I could do better….needs more words. The third assignment I completed was the Motivational Poster assignment where I took a generic photo online and just added a motivational quote onto it in order to create the “poster” feel. My final and most favorite assignment was created by me and aims to break out of the generic and basic list of design principles that were listed in the assignment descriptions. This assignment is called “back to basics” and is designed to be a more free and imagination based assignment for those who want to relax yet work their brain and earn credit! It’s a fun one!

The next focus that I put attention into was my Daily Creates which focused on exploring new concepts and experimenting with design in a new light. My twitter this week was filled with GIFs and fun conceptual ideas that I used to teach myself something new!

We ended the week by submitting our favorite posts of this week and commenting on some of the blogs we found to be most interesting!

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