Anotha One Down!

week 3 (2/8-2/12)

Yet another week goes by and there are more stories to write! This week was an interesting twist on digital storytelling because we used all words believe it or not! I enjoy things that are more so on the photo and video side of things but this was a nice break for me in order to further understand storytelling through another lens. This week we had 3 writing assignments and 3 tdc’s to post. I gotta say the tdc’s were enjoyable to look at and post on because they were pretty open this week and you could do a lot with the topics posted. However the writing assignments were slightly more challenging because I’m not a very good writer and I wanted to challenge myself with some 4 starts and I think my poem assignment was the worst, with the beauty assignment being the most fulfilling, and the letter to myself assignment being the most enjoyable to write up! Overall, I think this week was manageable especially with my other work load from my higher classes. I don’t think this class needs to be overly exhausting, although it does feel that way sometimes. Then again, the professor did warn us sooooo. Looking forward to reading some of the other posts and what went down this week for sure!

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