Assignments on Assignments on Assig…you get the point

From Audio Assignments to Daily creates we had a lot going on this week! So let me give you the quick and dirty version!

The first assignment I decided to take part in was to create a “relaxing” playlist for listeners and I did this by gathering my favorite songs and sound effects from nature and putting them together to make this relaxing playlist. It’s short because of size issues, I know we tend to see hours on hours of this usually but I didn’t want to mess with downloading and uploading something so massive.

My next assignment I chose was to create an “earr*pe” sound. This is something that is extremely painful to listen to and I don’t recommend doing it for fun! The goal of this was to take a common noise or song and make it unbearable and that’s exactly what I did.

The last assignment that I chose to take part in was the mixing and matching of a song and it’s cover. For this I went with the classic Zombie by Cranberries. During this mix-up my goal was to make them as seamless as possible and sound as if they are on the same track together. I enjoyed this project because it challenged my ability in audacity. For certain parts of the song I would drop the dbs in one area and raise them in another when the lyrics would get close to matching. It is by no means perfect but it was a fun exercise.

For the daily creates I chose to do tdc3329, tdc3331 and tdc3333. I’m not a huge fan of daily creates if I’m completely honest because I feel that they are just busy work in most cases, however I do find the occasional fun ones that I feel challenge me to be better, and those are the ones I see value in of course!

I will say that the Radio Bumper was pretty fun, it was quick and simple but still taught me some cool things about audacity. One other fun activity was the radio broadcasts that we listened in on and commented on. It was really fun to read through and see what everyone was thinking and doing during that time! Fun to listen to all the creative ideas and intros everyone had on their minds!

Most exciting aspect that I look forward to is finding out who our groups will be and what project this radio project intel’s!

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