This assignment was good to get out and be more observant, It’s easy to forget how much is all around us and what everything means because we are constantly at sensory overload! But this week I chose to look out for a couple of my favorite design principles: Color, Symbols, Minimalism, and Dominance. Some of these pictures I found while scrolling through social media and some I found out and about at work and around town!

I wanted to start with color because I felt that this was something extremely phycological yet something that most of the population does not pick up on and hence why consumers are constantly trapped by certain elements of an advertisement.

Apollo Management's Redbox Dilemma

The next design principle I chose to capture was Symbolism. I found an excellent ad for this and below you will see what I mean. McDonalds is all around us and constantly advertising but this ad in particular caught my eye because of the power behind it. First of all, you cant even see it during that day yet people still know based on fount and color. But more importantly, The night time capture of this billboard was so well done. They perfectly placed the lights to create the oh so common golden arches and two they made it only visible at night stating “open at night”. I think the play on words and choice of portrayal is above and beyond for this fast food chain.

My third ad I found scrolling through Instagram and I thought to myself that this could not have come at a more perfect time! It’s so simple yet so elegant. An ad for lays using pringles to replicate a smile saying “just smile” and a small iconic bag in the lower right hand corner. Yellow is also a color that sticks out to the consumer eye and is often bought more than other colors. I’m a big sucker for simplicity and minimalism so this one really caught my eye.

Lays minimalist advertising poster funny | Advertising ...

The last ad principle that I chose to chase was the Amazon boxes stacking up at my work that represent a lot of things, but I thought of dominance. Amazon is such a well know company that all they need to do at this point is put their logo on a big ol blank boring box and people will know and enjoy unboxing whatever is inside. It’s remarkable.

Is it Time for Marketers to Invest in Amazon Ads?

3 Replies to “Blitz-It!”

  1. Hey Jonah,

    That picture of McDonalds with the lights is really cool! It really emphasizes the promotion of the store staying open all night. I think all the yellow space in the Lays ad forces your eyes to see the smile and bag of chips on the bottom of the page.

  2. That McDonalds billboard is brilliant. It is interesting to note that it only works because of the ubiquity of the golden arches, and that it actually reinforces it in a way. The Lays ad is funny to me because when I see a chip like that, I think Pringles.

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