Bring it in!

There’s a lot to unpack in those readings and videos one and two, but I think linking them to my story makes for an interesting post! Personally I’ve always really liked the types of videos we had to watch because they open the eye to a new and interesting viewpoint on life. The hyperlink video looked out of date yet it was extremely well written and pleasing to watch, you could tell they put a lot of time into it and made it easily understandable for the viewers. The information within that video is still very much so relevant to today’s living in that it represents just how much information can and is gathered on the web and how we can use it to our advantages.

In the first video I really enjoyed the type of humor that can accompany a good lesson and teaching point. Making complex issues or ideologies easily understandable and laughable is not a trait that many can exhibit.

With both of these videos and the text touching on the information of things and how they can be used or how they will be used in the future I feel that this relates to my story fairly well. It’s easy to talk, write, and act like we’ve got the future under wrap and feel like we have a nice life plan underways, but in reality just as those who predicted the hyperlink would change the world we too don’t know what is to come of our futures. The first video clip does a fantastic job and acting out and explaining just how screwy our world is right now and how everything can be misinterpreted, but telling the viewer that it’s okay to have fun with it and enjoy what you want to enjoy when those times come. Just as my story homes in on living a life you want with no regrets I think this piece is trying to get at the same concept without making it known.

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