Dear me.

Dear me,

I hope all is well and that you are continuing to follow your passions, I know it hasn’t been easy and that greed and hate can fill your mind so quickly, but don’t let that take away from all the good you have done. 10 years went by pretty quick, I bet you weren’t expecting that huh? We always tell ourselves how much time we have and I hope you still stand by that! Because we do have time, so much and with it we can accomplish amazing things, but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t move fast. We can’t sit around and wait for things to happen, we should be making them happen! You best be keeping to that! I expect you to be a very wealthy man at this point in your life, not in just money but it knowledge. I want you to be able to spread the information you have collected over the years to the next generations to come, because God knows that things are getting rough! and will continue to do so until corruption is no more (won’t happen btw..prove me wrong). Anyway, I know you like it simple and sweet so I won’t keep you any longer but I really hope your great mind popped off in 2021 and you made your first million and were able to give back to the family like we talked about, .that would be pretty sweet. Speaking of which. Fuck this, let me get back to that. As well as getting married and having a family that you can provide for, let me know how Morgan is, I hope she’s well! Alright man, continue to do great things and anything you do…don’t let it get to your head! duces.

OH! This is the writing assignment for 2/12/21 btw! 3 star

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  1. I love how kind this letter to yourself is!!! I think often times we drift towards beating ourselves up when we’re thinking about our future and our expectations, so I really like how inspired and compassionate this post is. I wish you all the best!!!

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