It’s in the Design

After reading A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by MARIA POPOVA, I came to realize that everything we do in our lives is governed by design. The way we act, the way we eat, the rules we follow, the hobbies we take up, the after school activities we do, HOMEWORK! It’s literally all connected. Everything from the beginning of time has been a competition to see who can do it best. This is where design comes into play, it’s fascinating to observe history and see how certain peoples chose to go about designing or imagining something in a different light than we see today, because it made sense to them back then. But design is also innovation, because if everything is a competition than we are pushing ourselves to be better and to come up with better solutions to common problems. We can even take something as simple as a toothbrush for instance.

History of the Electric Toothbrush | Dental Dorks

Okay yes! Technology improves with the times, but why? Well because they were uncomfortable, or they didn’t clean well enough, or they wore out too fast. I don’t know! The point is something was wrong and we DESIGNED something better to fix the problem. It’s inevitable that we would one day come up with something better or a new iteration of the old.

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