Me, myself, and I

This assignment immediately caught my eye, because of the intricacy of it all! I’ve always wanted to do something in this domain and this was my chance.

I look a different approach to this project than what is posted in the official Assignment description page. I wanted to create multiples of myself in picture form and to do this I needed to maintain similar exposure throughout each photo taken which proved to be quite difficult considering that I shot outside, but I’m not unhappy with the way they came out.

You can see in the second photo that I had some trouble editing the images with the difference in shade, and in the first one I didn’t have a level playing ground so I needed to have someone hold the camera and you can imagine how difficult it is to get the same exact angles in 3 different shots.

Since we are connecting these posts to Our Story, I thought it was only right to provide some background for this photo. I’ve always been interested in what goes on behind the camera and only recently I’ve dove into this lifestyle and I want to dive deeper because it’s so relieving to know that I am doing what I want to do not what society tells me to do. gg

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  1. I really like the first picture. I’m wondering about the technical process. I could see doing it with a tripod and an assistant to click the shutter. Or using video mode and taking out stills.

    1. Yes! I had to use an assistant to get the first shot which was difficult because that’s certainly not as accurate as a tripod but it took a lot of editing. Took 3 pictures in total and then overlaid them all in photoshop using the brush tool to brush away the layer I didn’t want in order to show the body that was in the next layer down.

    1. HENA! Hush up! I just looked through your blog and you’re way more talented than you think. That was an incredible experience. I loved it! Thank you for the kind words. I want to push my limits a little more and really get out there like you!!

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