Midway Report

(day 1) I’m not sure if this is really needed but I wanted to at least keep it for my own personal record. I’ve been brainstorming and writing my shot list for the past couple days and I really like where it is headed. I have recruited one of my friends from way back to be my actor and I plan on us both being able to collaborate on this once we’re actually filming. It’s going to be tight because I have to film and edit on Thursday because this is due Friday and Thursday is his only free day this week! yikes. The plan is to use Premier Pro because I’m more familiar with that and it’s what I used for my Trailer video.

I wanted to also write this so that I could remind myself to add intros and credits, if my film requires an intro because it might not need anything official other than the title so we’ll see.

(day 2) Script/ shot list is just about done and I’m filming tomorrow so I’m getting excited. coming up with the story line wasn’t too hard but conveying that story is difficult. I’ve never made a short film or filmed any type of story, but I’ve always wanted to so this is a good learning opportunity, but I’m a little worried it might not turn out. The premise is to tell or really show where I find peace and happiness, in the woods. So I was thinking I would just do a silent film on what it’s like to venture out into the woods, the fun, the obstacles, the danger (if any), finding a site, the set up process, preparing food, and enjoying everything around you in that very moment. So I’ll post the shots/script when it’s done and you all can see what went through my head and what I was thinking and planning for this. See you Friday!

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