non-written essay….on video….of video….vid-eo

For this assignment I picked a movie that my friends and I watched a while back and I remember us all having a lot of interest in the movie to start but because of such a horrible ending we ended up hating the whole thing. That movie being “Annihilation (2018)”.


This video essay was a fun way to explore the concepts that we learned this week and actually apply them into a real situation where we have to actually pay attention to and be on the look out for the things that we learned. I may have gotten a little carried away analyzing everything and taken it too in depth and it’s not like I actually know what I’m talking about so it was really just me seeing things and being like “yeah, yeah that might be something they did” haha. Regardless it was pretty fun and I learned a lot from watching Tony’s videos and reading the article so that was the main point anyway I think!

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