Onto The Next!

(week 11)

Yet another week is done and for this in particular I wanted to just make this post and the idea blog post jumbled into one. I still stand by my original post and want to accomplish all of that. Which I know isn’t ideal but this week has been extremely busy. I’ve always wanted to film my own short film but this has proven to be so much more and I’ve learned so much more. It’s 11:46pm on Friday right now and my YouTube channel is processing and reviewing my upload as we speak so I can’t link it quite yet but I will soon! I promise! I wanted to use this space in the meantime to share some thoughts. As I said above this has been more challenging than expected and has reqired a lot more time than expected but I’ve had a blast and learned a lot so far. I have my original script/shot list and some screen shots of the editing process that I will now share. If it’s readable haha.

Those are the scripts/shots I took out to the location we were filming and I had to use them frequently. It is almost always recommended from all the sources I read and talked to that one should create and take out a shot list. It’s better to get your thoughts down and be able to refer to them later than just go out and shoot hoping for the best. The story in that instance almost always tend to have less coherency and isn’t tied together as well.

Here’s a early on pic of my editing screen about half way through and I didn’t take one when done because I forgot and don’t want to relaunch but when my video uploads and I have to update this I’ll be sure to include the final screen shot as well!

There’s a lot to go over here and I’m going to try my best to simplify. I shot everything with sound from my camera mic and added certain sounds in specific places to enhance the feel of the film. Some were downloaded online and some were recorded by me in the field. I simply laid out every shot I had and put it in order before taking it into post. Once in post I could drag in and clip what I didn’t want and create transitions where needed and make each shot flow as intended. Once those were in order I overlaid the sound design to each part that required it and tweaked other parts and finally I color graded each and every clip to enhance the image. This is oversimplified, but If there are any specific questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Lastly, I haven’t got a chance to look over everyone else project ideas and posts but I really want to and I really like collaborating with others so this is going to be exciting to see everyone’s thoughts! Oh and my Daily Creates went alright, but as I mentioned before I was very busy and didn’t have as much time as usual to put my all into them this week.

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  1. That came out very well, especially the audio work. I found myself wondering if a voice-over would have helped. The challenge there would be to avoid overdoing it, I think, so maybe it was better to not do it at all.

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