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(week 13) Final project report

This week we were tasked with writing up an outline for what our project will be and what it will look like. I am aiming to connect THREE different streams of media for this project which I know is a bare minimum but what I have planned is going to require some work and I have been lazy this week so I’m going to really need to get going here soon.

My tentative plan is to as of 4/19/21 is to first create a short (30-45 sec) video of some one on one interaction/ conversation with a friend, yes this is the video portion of my final project. Next the animation/design of that video. I’ve recently been pointed towards a pretty cool YouTuber that creates short films and then brings them into 3 different programs (Photoshop, Premier Pro, and EBSYNTH) to animate and tell a story with them. He first creates a fill layer of whatever filter he chooses in order to give it an old and original RPG look, he then takes it and adds a background to fit the story line and uses his own steady hand to draw over top of each frame to design whatever character he desires (HAND DRAWN!). Next he takes it frame by frame and uses the last program to trace and duplicate whatever drawing he did and it duplicates it onto each frame. Lastly he takes it into premier and makes it a video. It’s a lot of work for a short bit, but it’s so rewarding he says. This will be my first time trying and I’m excited to see how it goes.

Next I plan to do my last interconnected media portion by making a podcast about the process and answering some questions from whoever I have on.

I have no team as of now, but I tried to obtain one and got no bites haha, I don’t blame em. I am late to the race so I’ll have to rapidly begin working on this and get it all on my computer very soon. Maybe even over the weekend I will begin progress. Hope it turns out!! Also definitely check out that guys channel. It’s incredible.

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