Story Time!….again

This time it’s a bit different in that we are just brainstorming on what some story concepts might look like for our final projects. Because this is the primary focus of this week I wanted to give it some thought and really link it back to my original story on “our story” theme.

I know this might be a little short but what I said back when this class first started really stuck with me. I want to talk about success and what it means to each of us. I want to talk about life and not getting caught up in the small problems. I want to talk about letting fears go and taking the first step, the first leap! There’s so much to life and there’s so much of this world that is left undiscovered because we are too afraid of what others will say or react and we let our fear put us in a cage and trap us from ever truly living and experiencing life. So that’s what I want to talk about. What we’re doing to be different, to inspire change, to motivate others and ourselves to get out there and live.

If I were to choose one big project to do aside from everything I listed above, than it have to be to film, edit and create my very own short film. Based off the movie “Arctic” I felt that this movie had soooo much power in its silence and I really took an interest to that film style so I would love to try something like that movie on my own.

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