Subtle what? nah

For this assignment bank assignment I wanted to play around with a double exposure GIF that I got inspired by watching one of my favorite youtubers Daniel Schiffer. He deals with a lot of unique videography aspects and tries to reinvent the norm of filming.

For this project I would have prefered a better background but we make due with what we have….a garage. first I took a photo of myself “floating” and then took multiple pictures of a small fire inside a pan. Then I created a “subtle GIF” of the fire and overlaid the layers in photoshop to create the double exposure effect. I like the way it came out but there are definite improvements that could be made.

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  1. I am interested to know how you took the photo of yourself “floating”? I really like that upon closer inspection you can see the fire burning little scraps in the pan. Super cool gif!

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