The Show Must Go On

This week was a little bit hectic and required some coordination. Luckily I had an amazing team and we got our shit together and knocked it out. Originally we wanted to meet on Monday, however other important projects and jobs sort of stripped that from us. Tuesday was our day off so who do you think we are?? Working on a no school day…YEAH RIGHT. So we came to the decision to meet on Wednesday at 3:30pm to talk about and map out our recording process and how we would edit and put it all together. We finished talking and discussing our next steps around 5:00pm. We decided that everyone would email me their commercials and bumpers because I already had the main show recording as well as Adobe Audition for editing. We went ahead and planned to meet on Thursday around 8pm because some people were still working and I could share my screen on discord so that everyone had the opportunity to add input and share their thoughts while we were editing. We then finished around 10pm and I exported the file and uploaded it to soundcloud. There wasn’t much else that went into it. We contemplated a few options like leaving in our theme song to play in the background at a very low db level but decided against it as it might take away from the overall story telling. All in all I think we had a lot of fun on this project and learned a lot. I’m sure we’re all excited to see how everyone else’s turns out!

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