The Story Ain’t Ova Yet

02/05/2021 (week 2)

This week has been pretty crazy for me, I’m currently a part of the Army Reserves and we have been on mission in DC since January 6th and they just let the college guys get home for school so I have been dealing with that and a lot of unknowns as far as when I’ll have a computer and when I won’t. Regardless, we’re getting it done now and hopefully we’re not too far behind yett! This week has consisted of getting used to all of my classes and really getting the hang of them and the way they work. This week was a big jump for me as far as diving into assignments goes. We had a few different things going on this week that I missed but I think I caught them all (let me know in the comments if I missed anything!)

We took care of business this week by first reading up on how to write assignments like a champ and then moving right along into creating our Daily Creates over on twitter. But wait! If you want the full link chain to the whole classes creatives than you’ll have to be hip to the twitter timeline that posts them! np.

I think the most time consuming aspect here was the Assignments that we had to complete within the Assignment Bank. Obviously allowing for different levels of difficulty from 1 star to 5 star helped a lot because it allowed us to pick how much time we were willing to put in, but overall it was a great process. I chose to do a GIF assignment, a B-Roll assignment, and a triple exposure picture that had almost no takers!

AAAANNNDDD straight into the next section! We were supposed to get a lot done on our blog and customize it to our liking but I know mine needs a lot more work. I like the functionality of it right now but I don’t like the way things are organized as of now. I look forward to making progress on that throughout the semester. I’m still working on getting around to everyone’s blog posts, but every time I comment and go back to try and find and pin the post I can’t find it so I’m working on a way to overcome that and figure out the best way to do so. Let me know what your solution was!!!

This week was crazy, but it’s only going to get more crazy and I’m still trying to figure everything out! Right now I need help with making sure my tags are right and that I’m properly posting everything to each assignment post and creating the correct tags or extensions for them to go into the right place. But we’ll see.

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