Today!.. In a Cafe!

This assignment is probably going to be the toughest this week because I’m not the best poet but I wanted to give it a shot and the image looks interesting so this is my best poem using this image–>

Sitting in this open room
I ponder what life could be
all of my thoughts, they come and go
I ponder what life I might see

Strangers I can feel
all around me they whisper
but here I sit
not giving a shit

My glass remains full
and my heart empty
for I have the right tool
but tread too gently

My next move is away from this fool
to start my own trail
to dive into the deep end of this pool
I cannot fail
for my next move
will take me to the tomb

2 Replies to “Today!.. In a Cafe!”

  1. Hey Jonah! I think you did a really good job expressing her emotions. The “glass is full but my heart remains empty” was really thought out. Good job!

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