Weekly Sum….uhhhh

Not sure if we have a weekly summary for today (02/19/21) But all I found was to complete this form for who’s posts I liked the most! I’ll give a quick recap just in case though! We had quite a few assignments this week starting with the blog post about our experience working with photography and our interests and what we have learned and observed through that time. Then creating another blog post that put to work some of our previous photos and how they were taken under a certain list of credentials relating to the basics of being a better photographer. Straight from their we moved into our photoblitzes assignment! This was a TON of fun and taught me a lot and I loved this challenge because of how quickly it tests you to think on your toes and come up with something visually pleasing while also not making it perfect. This week we also had to create 12 STARS! worth of weekly assignments from the Writing Assignment Bank which took way longer than I would have liked. It’s not that it’s too difficult necessarily, but I would rather spend my time with more photo blitzing, haha. For my assignments I chose to create a “collage message“, “celebrity where they shouldn’t be“, and a “reenactment of a movie scene“. Each one turned out okay but I would like to focus more on putting in the time next time because I think it shows in my work.

Moving right on to our Daily Creates I created and posted on my twitter the 3 creates that I chose to participate in and I liked interacting with the community over those because of all the positive feedback that was awesome!

And finally! I posted a few comments. I usually don’t include this in my weekly post because it feels pointless, but if it benefits the professor than I want to help but those peoples blogs are for them and I don’t feel I need to flaunt comments.

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