Weekly Summery (1/25 – 1/29)

Week one didn’t have much going on, but I absolutely loved seeing everyone else’s posts and what they had to talk about, it’s pretty cool seeing how different everyone views the world around them. This week was obviously getting everyone acclimated to their new classes and for some getting used to being back on campus. For me, all of Jan I have been on Federal mission with the Army Reserves to help assist in Washington DC. It’s been a long draw out mission that hasn’t felt very necessary, but for my unit being so close, in Virginia and being an Infantry unit we were more needed than others and I can’t argue that. It has been fairly tough keeping up with everything due to lack of accessibility to technology and internet, but I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of my work and make the circumstances work for me. They are quarantining all college soldiers who will be returning to civilian life and that’s been the toughest part considering my lack of communication with the outside world and lack of fresh air and sun. But none the less I’m looking forward to progressing in this class and I know it might be tough at times but I’m getting so close to being done that I think I can push through anything at this point so long as I can get the hell out of quarantine.

The only work we have done this week is our introduction and blog about our story. Both were valuable and fun with some good learning outcomes when it comes to getting to know the software we will be working with and the people we’ll be with in this class. I didn’t get to complete my YouTube or Soundcloud intros yet because of my lack of technology, but I haven’t given up yet. I’m still working hard to figure that out and when I do they can be found on the accounts above.

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