Where it all began

I wasn’t sure what was meant by using hyperlinks to connect my story but I can do my best to guide you (the reader) to all of my posts and what happened in which order!

It all began with a simple thought…what if I created a fake story to the meaning of my second Daily Create? I created an image that would represent my thinking place and what goes on when “it becomes too much” and we need to re-center ourselves. So I created the space sloth—–>

From there I realized that this was precisely what I needed to complete my more thought provoking posts such as the poem! With this image little sloth was able to center his thoughts and begin contemplating what a great spring poem would be. He doesn’t like summer all that much and spring is pretty close to that so you can assume it wouldn’t be pleasant. But actually it wasn’t horrible. His inner thoughts became clear and he was able to produce a masterpiece known as “This is Spring”

And that’s it! That’s the story….WAIT. We’ve just been updated that our most famous “centered” image is being put on display! What a bonus! So the story goes on!!!! I guess this is new so I don’t really know what to add other than the piece being featured in an art gallery down town. Pretty high end place so you know it’s good. I presume it will be sold by morning. I mean, look at this beaut!

Man…it really does just get better and better huh.

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  1. Nice story! I really like how you connected the image you created to your museum masterpiece! I bet the sloth can tell from space where summer is happening, he prolly avoids those places

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