(week 10)

I’m super hype about this week because this is going to be right down my ally of what I want to get better at and do more of Videography! I completed 2 Daily Creates which were fun and interesting and then went straight into researching and looking over the different film techniques and how to read a movie which I found very interesting and useful, but it might end up biting me in the butt down the road when I start watching movies only to pick out and see those specific moments instead of enjoying the film. Hopefully not.

The next bit of fun I had was creating my trailer for the first week of my video assignment. This was really cool and really fun to do because I’ve been wanting to get my camera out again and film some more. I started by coming up with a concept on “my story” and then using my surroundings to get a few shots I could patch together to make what my trailer is now and I hope to continue developing the script/ shot list and carry it on into my final short film.

I commented and filled out the survey too! Doesn’t take long with all this talent in the class!

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