TDC in a nutshell!

This week we had some fun daily creates and I actually learned about icebergs! For this weeks daily creates I went with some fun options and got to play around with more photography! On my twitter its easy to see what I chose to post but if you aren’t following ds106 Daily Creates yet than you should definitely follow to stay up to date on any and all new information.

I chose to create a gif from this weekends rainy days because it was a good way to decompress on the sad yet beneficial weather. I also wanted to play around with the iceberg drawing. That was cool because no matter how big or what design it would always float and ONLY 10% of it would be exposed. It just puts into perspective how big some of these bergs can be! Finally I chose to take part in depicting chess. This was done by taking a picture of the chess board inside of my house in a fun and dramatic style! Go check out my posts for more detail!