For this assignment I took a basic silhouette picture off the web and added a little quote to create the poster! Motivation often comes in simple one liners for a lot of people and that’s what this poster aims to capture. See it and get going!

Going Famous!

For this assignment out of the design principles section, I chose to create a cover for VOGUE magazine. I did this before I saw that on the homepage there was a recently added “Vogue Challenge” assignment. So I’m keeping it here for old times sake! I was inspired to do this because of some pictures I had recently taken of my girlfriend and one of her friends had given us the fun idea to create our own magazine cover with it for fun. So I took a png file off of the web and overplayed my picture, lowered the opacity, made the words clearer, gave it a retro look, and bam there ya have it.

Logo Logistics

For one of my weekly assignments under the Design Principles category of the Assignment bank, I decided to create my very own logo. I really like fox and hence why I designed this logo for a company called RedTail Outdoors. I had this idea of geometric shapes because I’ve always enjoyed the look of a simple design yet an elegant one! A fox also just makes sense for an outdoors company because of its nature! Anyway, below is the final product and I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Unfilled Gap

I decided to take it upon myself to add my own design assignment into the bank of assignments for design because I felt there was nothing really there that satisfied what I was looking for and that is bringing it back to basics! It’s important to see more in design and really ponder it but what about what most think of? Designing something is creating something, building something, making something! So that’s exactly what I did for this assignment!

Through pure imagination, this is open to the user to apply their mind and create whatever comes to their head! It’s a super fun way to decompress after long hours of ds106 work! Ha.