For this post I’ve chosen to evaluate two of the pictures I’ve taken fairly recently. Here we will be looking to evaluate;

– selection
– contrast
– perspective
– depth
– balance
– moment
– lighting
– foreground/background

Obviously these photos will not look as good as they do from the original source but we can get the idea here. This photo was taken around dusk and if we use the list above to analyze we can pick it apart a little. I think the yellow train and guard track makes for great contrast with the blue sky and grey surrounding.

The perspective is nothing special but I did try and take it a little lower to get an interesting angle looking up at the train but it may have still been too far away to really see that point.

There’s clearly depth of field in the train front versus the foreground and background of the image. I would almost prefer more haha, I like that effect.

Balance can be applied here as we look at how the train is off to the left rather than sitting right in the middle. Another valuable aesthetic that pleases the eye that I tend to aim for.

The train was actually moving pretty fast and I didn’t realize it until I snapped the shot and looked up and the train almost nicked me….that’s what those yellow lines are for, huh. So yes, you could say I caught this one in the moment haha.

Lighting was actually okay with me, Lightroom can be a powerful tool, but it was still slightly darker than I would have liked, but maybe it’s different on your computer?!

This was a fun little night shoot for me and a friend finding our way around downtown fredericksburg, found at Goolrick’s Ice Cream.

Here we can see a massive difference in contrast seeing as it is a neon sign at night so that’s a given. But more than that there is a rich contrast in the letters themselves shinning out over a reflective black surface.

The balance in this photo is indeed right in the center, and I know that’s opposite of what I just said but once you approach a potential picture you can just feel out whether or not the rule of thirds works or not. This particular picture it did not work and I thought centered was the way for this angle.

Lastly the perspective is a sharp angle from below. Partly because it’s a sign and I literally can’t get any higher at the moment but also because I wanted a unique angle to look at from below and this is what came to mind.